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About new coronavirus infectious disease measures guidelines

"Asahi no Oyado" has established guidelines to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and is taking countermeasures.

In order for our customers to stay with peace of mind, please read and understand the following measures before making a reservation.

Thank you.


* The following countermeasures are subject to change depending on the future situation.


Limit on the number of people in all rooms


・We have 10 rooms in total, 8 rooms for 3 people and 2 rooms for 4 people.


Request for health management to customers


・Cold symptoms such as fever and cough from before travel to check-in on the day, or suspected close contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus

If there is, please promptly contact us to cancel.

For the health and safety of everyone who uses the facility, temperature is measured upon arrival, and those with a body temperature of 37.0°C or higher are not allowed to stay.

(In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged).


・Please fill in the correct information in the guest list. Identification card (license, health insurance card, passport, etc.)I will confirm.


・When checking in, please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of your fingers. Also, when using all common areas, wear a mask and

Please disinfect your fingers with alcohol. In addition, please be considerate of each other so as not to create close contact between customers.


・In the unlikely event that your physical condition changes during your stay, please inform the staff immediately.




Staff efforts


・Thorough health management

Every morning, our staff will conduct a health self-diagnosis, including a temperature check, and will wear a mask when serving customers.


・Thorough cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms

Clean with the windows open.

We will disinfect frequently touched areas such as beds, ladders, desks and chairs in common areas.

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